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The Decatur Auto Auction set an all-time sales percentage record through the month of April, with Dealer Sales at 76.2% and Fleet Lease Sales at 95.1% first time across the block!

Despite a global vehicle shortages, DAA continues to be a great place to buy and sell used cars.

Register for our weekly dealer only Auto Auction, held every Friday at 11am CT in Decatur, IL and live online here at

Used cars are hot, but our dealer consignment sales percentage is even hotter! Last Friday, we sold 88% of the inventory that ran through the Decatur Auto Auction and we hope to keep that momentum rolling into tomorrow's sale at 11AM CT.

Licensed and franchised auto dealers can register for our weekly private auto auction on our Home Page. Financial institutions and companies looking to sell their used company vehicles and repossessed cars are encouraged to register as well.

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