Banks, Credit Unions and Independent Lending Institutions looking for an alternative outlet to re-market their repossessed vehicles should sell them at the Decatur Auto Auction.

For every 50 units from lease/repo consignors that we sold, there were 27 different buyers, and with over 50 years of automotive management experience, DAA has unparalleled customer service and experience working with lending institutions.

Businesses looking for a place to sell their used company vehicles should look no further than the Decatur Auto Auction, as we already work with several companies, large and small, to help them sell old inventory and make room for new. Register today and see what the Decatur Auto Auction can do for you!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Some people will say that the market is starting to soften up a bit, but the Decatur Auto Auction just hit an All-Time High Sales Record for Dealer Consignment at last Friday's sale, selling 88.74% of units that went through!

Licensed and franchised Auto Dealers interested in buying or selling used cars at our weekly auction should register at

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