The Decatur Auto Auction has a significant geographic advantage for the Midwest, as its central location makes it easily accessible for Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Louisville and everywhere in between.

Licensed and franchised auto dealers in this area are encouraged to register for our private weekly auto auction to help build and offload their used vehicle inventory.

Same goes for large corporations and financial institutions looking for the right place to sell their used company vehicles and repo cars.

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

**UPDATE: All four buses SOLD at the Decatur Auto Auction

These 4 Ford Econoline Buses will be running through this Friday's Decatur Auto Auction at 11AM CT in Decatur, IL and LIVE ONLINE here at 🚘💰

If you haven't already, register for our weekly private dealer auction at the top of our home page.

Another Friday, another successful #DecaturAutoAuction

Licensed & franchised auto dealers can buy and sell #UsedCars at our weekly [dealer only] auto auction every Friday in Decatur, IL and live online. Banks & financial institutions can sell and re-market their reposed vehicles. Large corporations (and small businesses) can sell their used company vehicles. Were centrally located to service all of the Midwest!